What type of information do we collect?

Our site only collects data when you contact us through our contact form or once you register on our website.

The only data you will be required to fill in on our contact form is:

1.     Your name

2.     Your email id

3.     Your contact no

However, you can still visit our website anonymously by using a VPN service.


What is the purpose of data collection on our website?

There are numerous reasons for collecting users’ data, including:


·       Improving user-experience: The user will help us much to improve the user experience of our website.

·       Enhancing the website: We are determined to improve our website performance for our users, and thus we use their feedback by collecting                   specific data to fulfill this objective.

·       Offer better customer service: The user information help us much in procuring better customer service by the data we collect from the users.

·       Provide a transparent transactions module: We collect data on our website to make our website’s transaction system more transparent                             and efficient for our users. We, in no way share or publish data with other companies regardless of any reason whatsoever. We want to guarantee         our clientele that we won’t disclose any private or public information without their consent.

·       Send Newsletters: When you register on our website through your email address, we will use that information to send you periodic emails (also              known as Newsletters) to keep you updated regarding your orders processing and progress and eventually send you emails containing latest                 offers and promotional updates from our company. In case, you don’t feel the need of receiving emails from our website; then we always post an           UNSUBSCRIBE option below of each of our emails. By unsubscribing, you will stop receiving promotional emails from our site.

·       Stay updated with trends: We also use the information to observe the latest standards of the responsive websites and what our clients want us to           implement on the site. We also conduct surveys to gather information.


What security measures we use on our website?

Our website has various security measures incorporated to keep our client’s data secure and protected from hackers and data breaches.


Does our website use cookies?

Our site uses cookies for improvement in performance and customer experience. However, you can turn cookies off without even compromising on the website features.

Do share or disclose any data to other companies or third parties?

We are in no way to share or disclose any private or public information with other companies or businesses.

Although, some third parties can access your data including those who provide our services regarding operating our site and helping in our business module. Still, they are required to keep the data confidential only on their end.

Sometimes, we might require sharing information or particular data in compliance with federal law enforcement to protect the rights of our company or third party’s safety.

We would like to mention the fact that we DO SEND the anonymous data to third parties for advertising and marketing.


The use of third-party links on our website?

We may also incur third-party links on our website for paid previews and support the site by sponsoring their links on our platform. We do not control third-party information or data since they have their privacy policies for data usage.

By using our website, you agreed on our privacy policy that we are in no way will be held responsible or liable regarding the content or offers you will redirect through third-party links on our website. You are solely responsible for interacting with third party links, and we will appreciate all kind of feedback if any inappropriate or misleading information is found on such links so we can take it down asap.


Privacy Policy

By using our web services, you agree with our privacy policies.

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